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what is
Kingdom Living?

We are a diverse community worshipping, serving & growing together in unity.

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Israel's story began a long time ago when God chose to redeem humanity beginning with Abraham, Issac and Jacob (whom he re-named Israel.) God's big idea was that, through His people Israel, he would bless every nation, and bring healing to all creation. This was accomplished through God's great act of sending his Son Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus), born as a descendant of Israel. But that's just the beginning...

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who is the
Jewish Messiah?

From the very beginning the Hebrew Scriptures cry out for a Messiah - a Savior, a Healer and an eternal King. They also prophesy his arrival. When he was born, he was to be given the name Yeshua, which is Hebrew for "salvation", because he would fulfill the Hebrew prophecies to save Israel from their enemies. But he would do more than that. He would save Israel, and indeed all nations, from the greatest threat of all: sin.

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