Worship Service

Worship Service

7230 Quivira Rd • Shawnee, KS

time 10:00 am

Every Saturday from

February 3, 2018

Everyone is invited to our weekly worship services, held every Saturday at 10 am. Come as you are! Our services are a fusion of Messianic liturgical and contemporary worship with a wide range of biblical patterns and expression of worship. For example, some of us like to express our love for the Lord through Jewish-style circle dancing. Some like to raise their hands, and others prefer to sit in their seats or stand still in reverent reflection.

You will hear a short “equipping” message (often called a “drash”), which is short, and can address a wide range of subjects such as healing, finances, relationships, biblical feasts, bible interpretation and more. We also have a 40-45 minute sermon related to our weekly Scripture readings. After service, we regularly hold prayer sessions where people can receive healing prayer and encouragement. A typical service will last 2 to 2 1/2 hours.