what are we about

as a Messianic Community

To intimately know and be known by God, and spread Yeshua's fame in our city and the world. Through God-with-us (Immanuel), we are called to grow and gather as a Jewish and Gentile, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, relational community of love. We are being trained to live as servant leaders that are becoming more like Yeshua as Spirit led people. We are devoted to playing our part in the Bride being made ready, Israel and the nations being reached, and the King coming again!

Let's break this down with some explanation of what this all means.


"To intimately know and be known by God, and spread Yeshua's fame in our city and the world - we are referring to deep identity and character forming relational heart, soul, mind, and strength attachment with the Father and Son created by the Holy Spirit given to us. This intimacy is interactive, experiential, joyful, and a loyal attachment of being cared for and caring about what is important to God. It involves learning to live in shalom-harmony with God and others in the Kingdom. As we know them, we are already enjoying eternal life now. It is now and not yet. For eternal life will be something we experience in fullness in the New Jerusalem City that will come out of Heaven to earth. This is when God dwells with His People forever in the World to Come.

Everything, and we mean everything else, is connected to and flows from this intimate attachment with God. Intimacy is the highest impact thing of the kingdom of God on earth. Here are some of the connections that are most important: Knowing we are loved by God. He is intimately, joyfully, loyally attached to us. Us living rooted and grounded in this love flows from intimacy. Knowing who we are in our identity, not just about it, but so we routinely act like ourselves in more and more circumstances and under pressure. Also based on intimacy is the ability to build thankful, joyful, loyal attachments of mutual caring with others, fulfilling the Torah. Sharing in the mind of Messiah, synchronizing with His thoughts and feelings according to the Scripture; becoming more emotionally mature in our communication style, as well as resembling Him in our behavior with the fruit of the Spirit! Healthy family relationships and transmission of values from generation to generation in a joyful environment of learning and growth with healthy fear of the LORD. Being trained to live as servant leaders in every life sphere. Fulfilling our vocations and walking in a spirit of excellence in our work. Standing strong against the devil's schemes, especially the ones that plot to damage our relationships and prevent their healthy development. Enduring hardship well as people of joy and wisdom. Eternal rewards. And more. All of this is connected with and flows from intimacy with God! All of it! And so it is from this intimacy that we are to make God known.

We desire that everyone knows the Father and the Son, beginning to enjoy eternal life now in this life. This is available for Jews, Gentiles, all ethnic groups, males, females, singles, families, widows, orphans, the sick, the oppressed, the hurting, the wounded, the anxious, the afraid, and all the needy. May many come to know Yeshua and the joy of salvation that is unleashed through the Gospel Story!

Through God-with-us (Immanuel) - It is Good News that the Father and Son are with us in and with the Holy Spirit! They make their Home with us! Everything depends on God's Presence. Everything good comes from the God who is with us, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Being people of the Presence means, without Him, we can do nothing. If He doesn't go with us, we aren't going.

"We are called to grow" - this flows from our very purpose of existence. First, we desire to grow in intimacy with the Father and the Son. Growth in the Kingdom is from intimacy to intimacy. We start with intimacy from when we are born again into this new intimate attachment with the Father and the Son. This is by the Holy Spirit who attaches us with the Son and comes to dwell in us. We never grow out of this priority for intimacy. Intimacy with God has the highest impact. It affects every other relationship and part of our life (as we already discussed above). From intimacy, our identity and characters are transformed. We become progressively integrated and whole human beings through growing healthy love-attachment with God and others. We are shaped into the image of our Rabbi and King who models the intimate relationship with the Father and healthy, joyful, and loyal attachments with others in mutual caring relationships. This journey of growing in healthy, thankful, loyal-love attachments with God and others motivates us to want to grow in another way - the family getting bigger with more people brought into God's family!

Yeshua promised, "I will build My Ekklesia (Community) and the Gates of Hades will not prevail against it! This is about Yeshua's covenant faithfulness to built up in His Ekklesia in their spiritual, relational, and ministry maturity in the place of intimacy. It is also about more children being added to the family in Israel and the nations! He wants more and more Jewish people added to the saved remnant of Israel part of His family. And He wants more and more Gentiles added to the redeemed of the nations part of His family. These two parts of the family, the Jewish smaller part and international larger part, are together the one family. This is the family God promised to Abraham when He announced the Good News to Him beforehand. The redeemed of the nations (international part) are heirs together with the saved remnant of Israel (Jewish part). They are members together of the one body of Messiah (one family). They are sharers together in the promise of the New Covenant in Yeshua the King.

At Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation, we seek to be one healthy example of this larger vision. Messianic Jews in our community are still Jewish, and this part of their identity is very important to God. We also believe the unique identities of people from different nationalities and ethnicities are very important to God. These parts of our identity are not destroyed by following Yeshua. They come to fullness in Him. So in summary, as a community, we are called to grow up into spiritual maturity and through additions to the family.

"and gather" - through small groups, on Shabbat, Biblical Festivals, and more. Healthy families gather! We are a small group based community. This is because we value people, relationships, and growing together. Small Groups are a primary way that we pursue authentic community. Intimate knowing of the Father and Son leads us deeper into community where we are known by and know others in the Presence of an all loving God. It is not good for us to be alone, to be without community. We are putting feet on that belief through small groups. There are other ways we gather too. As an Israel-connected Messianic Congregation, part of our calling is to connect with Shabbat and the Biblical Holidays. These are also times to experience a knowing and being known by God corporately, not only personally.

These are times to celebrate the greatness, goodness, and the covenant faithfulness of God! These are times for community renewal and growth. In the Spring time, we celebrate Passover-Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost (Shavuot). In the Fall time, we celebrate the blowing of the Trumpets (in Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah), the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) and Tabernacles (Sukkot). There are other times we gather, but these are the biggies. In our celebrations, our primary focus is on Yeshua as the One who brings all their meaning to fullness in the New Covenant context of the Kingdom. Since these are appointed times God planned for His people, we always look forward to God being the most Glorious Inhabitant of our gatherings!

"as a Jewish and Gentile, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, relational community of love" - living in our group identity with Immanuel is learning to remain relational in all circumstances, living from the heart Yeshua gave us, walking by the Spirit in building healthy, joyful, mutually caring, loyal connection with God and others. This is how people will know who our Rabbi and King is, and that we are attached to Him as disciples!. The flows from our identity and character forming attachment with Yeshua and His love for us.

We all come from different backgrounds. So learning how to function together as a healthy multigenerational spiritual family of love, harmony, and joy is a journey. And on the journey, we all need to live from our growing love-connection with God. He is the Most Glorious Inhabitant in our community who holds us together and grows us in healthy and mutual honoring relational culture. The with-God life impacts our journey into relational wholeness in building healthy, joyful, mutually caring attachments with one another. So much pain in we have experienced in this world came through relationships. And so much healing in the Kingdom of God can come through relationships in the context of community attached properly to the God who is with us.

Healthy community attachment is a central relational context by which we do the will of God as New Covenant disciples of Yeshua. We can observe this by the sheer number of "one another commands, such as: "forgive, pray, serve, honor, encourage, give, show hospitality to one another, and more"! All of these assume we are attached to a community as members of the body. This forms our group identity as being God's people together with whom He dwells. This is quite a learning curve for those of us who have been influenced by Western individualism. But it's difficult to overstate the importance of this for our identity formation and character transformation. For we are changed by being loved and by loving others. The synergy of the Spirit maturing love in all of us, builds community. Love builds up!

Mutually caring connections involves consistently speaking the truth in love to one another. We honor one another by demonstrating actions of integrity with a thankful, joyful, and loyal spirit. This keeps Yeshua's love for one another active. With time and consistency, this builds trust. Heart to heart connections form. A culture of honor takes root. Safety increases and trust and loyalty attachments increase. And trust is essential for all healthy covenantal relationships and team success. It creates win-win-win connections are the way around the board. Relationships are central to the meaning of a fulfilling life, so to win here is to win big!

However, good relationships in community do not come without much spiritual battle! The devils schemes are often aimed at damaging and destroying our relationships, or at least hindering their healthy development. When we learn how to protect and develop our intimacy with God we can transfer this skills to protecting our relationships in the community. For community is a main target of the devil's plots. This battle takes much overcoming on our part, standing against the lies the enemy tries to put in our heads toward God, ourselves, and one another. We need the power of God and the encouragement of others to be successful in this fight of faith! The people that learn how to fight well for the protection and development of their relationships, will often grow to become trustworthy servant leaders in the community. This growth carries into their other spheres of life - in the family, every vocational calling, and work place the LORD calls people into.

We are being trained to live as servant leaders" We are training to live as servant leaders. We are passionate about the cultivation of healthy servant leaders that go from good to great - in their homes, in their community, in their vocations, jobs, and more. This is part of our purpose, to create opportunities for training, development, and coaching for living as servant leaders.

There are different kinds of leadership. Five of them are apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching, and pastoral influencers. They help instruct, train, and coach the community in their personal development so share more fully in Yeshua's relational skills and ministry style! As people step and stretch into greater levels of leadership, synergy happens amongst the community. They increasingly become a group of team players and servant leaders with the relational skills and ministry style that expressed their identity and gifts for the health and good of the whole! And when everyone is doing their part as servant leaders, the whole community benefits. We are built up in love as a place where God dwells as our Most Treasured Inhabitant! All of this is unto greater unity, maturity, and intimate knowledge of Yeshua and the Father and their love. This helps us fulfil the purpose of our existence as a community, and from intimacy we want to spread to joy in making them known wherever we go.

What are these leaders like that we believe God is training us to live as? Spirit led servant leaders are intimately connected to God and characteristically humble, hungry, and teachable. They are team players, and team leaders. They create shalom, joy, and belonging around them. They have wisdom in following authority and in exercising it, not feeling inferior when they're following, or superior when they're leading. The are relational leaders. They recognize their need to discipline themselves in listening because of their value for people, relationships, and what people have to contribute. They have wisdom in handling crucial conversations, when opinions vary, emotions run strong, and the stakes are high. They are learning how to consistently live from their true identity, even under pressure. They help the groups they lead remember who they are so the can live true to their identity. This help groups they lead have more trust, joy, and higher engagement levels.

The kind of leaders we are training to live as are ones who develop their capacity to bounce back, returning to joy after feeling let down or discouraged. They learn to endure hardship well. Through examples, training, and coaching we are seeking to raise the fruitfulness of servant leadership where we remain relational, while effectively helping people discover and accomplish wildly important and meaningful goals. This requires focused Spirit formed behaviors to stay the course. And meaningful accountability that helps people do what they want to do, in following through with their commitments, even in the midst of the day to day whirlwind of other priorities.

These kinds of leaders who walk closely with God and have a proven track record of being relational leaders, will have greatest potential to bring healthy influence, impact, and blessing to the world without being corrupted by it!

"that are becoming more like Yeshua as Spirit empowered people When Yeshua says, "Follow Me" as He announced the Good News of the Kingdom, we are called to re-evaluate our whole life direction and focus in light of this call into fellowship with Him, aligning everything around this priority. To follow Him who loves us and gave Himself for us is yield to Him for relational training and transformation. He is the great leader we are learning from. He operated on the earth out of intimacy with His Father. His intimacy with the Father impacted His whole life, including His leadership expressed in making Himself a Slave of all, the Chief Servant. Discipleship to Him is growth in intimate union with Him, Spirit formed relational skills, healthy emotional maturity, and impactful servant leadership. In the Age to Come, His Bride will rule and reign with Him in a servant leadership role. We are being trained now for the Age to Come!

So we seek to live as devoted New Covenant disciples of Yeshua that are rooted and grounded in His love for us. In union (intimate covenantal attachment) with Yeshua, in His death, burial, and resurrection, we seek to be a community being trained to live as servant leaders that listen to and hear Yeshua's voice from our intimate closeness with Him. We want to be hungry, humble, and teachable learners of Yeshua and His way of living in the Kingdom. Practicing solitude for intimacy with God, meditation, giving, prayer, fasting, and more. We want humble ourselves and receive more and more of His grace to walk with an undivided heart in His Presence, delighting in and obeying His Teachings, and all of the Scriptures.

We are serious about learning how to discern and apply the Scriptures in our New Covenant context. We advocate what we call a Biblical, Spirit-empowered Jewish (or Hebraic) Worldview from which to live and grow in from the heart. As a community anchored in the scriptures, we seek to follow Yeshua in the way of humility, the way of going low and staying low. This is the path of enduring hardship with the joy set before us! It is living as more than conquerers through Him who loves us!

As sons and daughters in intimacy with Father and His Son. God pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Knowing His love is foundational to loving God and others by the Spirit. This love imparted and formed in us by the Spirit is the love that fulfills the Torah. So do we do away with the Tanack, Israel's scriptures, now that the gift of the Holy Spirit has been given? No way! The Teaching (Torah) in the Books of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings are not abolished, now that Yeshua came as the Word made flesh. Rather, the Teaching of the Tanack is brought to the fullest of meaning and purpose in Yeshua! We want to walk out their right application in the New Covenant context as Spirit filled, led, and empowered New Covenant disciples of Yeshua. All of God's word is relevant, but in being Spirit led, we especially seek to give weight to the weightier matters of God's Teaching - justice, mercy, and faithfulness. This is part of maturing in intimacy with God in love for Him and others.Being Spirit led concerns the fruit of the Spirit being formed and expressed in our relational-behavior.

A central sphere where we need to be Spirit led in us community. When we gather we seek to honor, host, and partner with God's Presence. He is the Most Glorious Inhabitant in our Community. He is the One gathers us together in His Son. He is the One who forms us and leads us by His Spirit. He is the One who want to be intimate One when we worship, pray, fellowship together, and make known.

For we get to participate in the Holy Spirit's ministry. This is through spiritual gifts such as gifts like service, mercy, helps, and teaching but also words of wisdom, knowledge, discernment of spirits, faith, prophecy, healings, miracles and so on. These gifts are for edifying and building up the community in love. This is sharing and continuing Yeshua's ministry that flows into our community but also into every life sphere and witness.

We seek God to give us wise guidance and healthy applications of all these ways of being led. We are an elder-governed and team oriented community that is seeking to be led by the Presence of God.

" We are devoted to playing our part in the Bride being made ready" - Yeshua is coming back for a Bride made ready. What we are doing is playing our part in this. God sees our little involvement within the Big Story.

To be clear, language about the "the Bride" is only one way that the scriptures refer to the Community (Ekklesia) of Yeshua. This Community is called the Body of Messiah, the Family of God, the Temple, a Family, Priesthood, the Commonwealth of Israel, and more. We are just one community in the greater Ekklesia in our city, Israel, and the world.

Yeshua's Ekklesia is His Bride, a Wife. He is preparing His Wife for a Wedding and a Supper! His Ekklesia will be glorious. She will not have a single stain or wrinkle or any such thing. She will be holy and blameless. This will be brought to fullness when she is fully glorified by the transforming Presence of the Spirit at Yeshua's appearing on the Last Day.

As she longs for His appearing, to see Him as He is, she will purify herself more and more. She will go deeper into fellowship with the Father and Son and into fellowship with one another. Part of the context of this purification will be trouble, persecution, and the last days judgments. These are not malicious or capricious judgments. They are intended as a context for the Bride's purification. They are also intended to remove every hindrance to the maximal amount of people from Israel and the nations having the opportunity to know the Father and Son, receiving the gift of eternal life! 

The Bride includes the redeemed of every nation, people, tribe, and language and the saved remnant of Israel (Messianic Jews). This is the people saved by the Gospel. This Ekklesia will know the Father and Son so well that their unity as the Ekklesia will reflect the unity of the Father and Son. Love for one another will abound amongst believers, not only in congregations, but across cities, regions, states, countries, and continents. Not only will she love well, she will have overcome much false or inaccurate teaching and harmful prophetic influences. The major teaching thrust will be wholesome and sound. The Spirit of prophecy will be mighty and a witness to Yeshua who still speaks. Signs, wonder, miracles and gifts of the Spirit will demonstrate Yeshua is alive and sill continues to teach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God so people can know Him and the Father. The schemes of the devil to destroy unity in the Family of God will be powerfully withstood.

While many will fall away from the faith, a loyal remnant who love the truth will stand. Revival will look a lot like this family of God, sanctified by the word of truth, coming into fuller unity with the Father and Son and their plan for the salvation of Israel and the nations. The light of God will shine on His people. His glory will be powerful upon them. The context will be, darkness covering the earth. Suffering will reach higher levels across the earth, but the people will be trained to endure hardship well. Joy bonds between God and His people will be strong rooted and grounded in love of Yeshua. Confidence to follow the Lamb wherever He goes will be high. Capacity for being led by the Spirit will be well developed.

Many will come into the Kingdom of God. Many will be persecuted and die as martyrs. In all this, God will powerfully show that He is ADONAI in all the earth. Escalating judgments will confront evil. The Bride will remain confident. She will be protected, not from suffering, but from God's wrath. She will also see His love in His judgments. Actually, much of what will be happening on the earth will be in response to her prayers. These will be hard times. Many will not see God's goodness. Many will not be willing to change their evil ways. While many will die in the last days under judgment from their refusal to give up evil, there will be many survivors in Israel and the nations. And the unification of Yeshua's Bride will lead to Israel and the nations believing that the Father sent the Son! So the Bride has a key part to play. True unity really does matter! It is high impact when it's based in intimacy with the Father and the Son.

"Israel and the nations being reached" - it is God's will for the saved remnant of Israel to be added to more and more. Yet there is coming a day when the fullness of the Gentiles comes. For the fullness of the Gentiles is a redeemed people growing to maturity in every nation and this will lead to Israel's salvation. Provoking Israel to jealousy for their own Messiah is one purpose for Gentile salvation in every nation. This will be instrumental in Yeshua bringing Israel to the point of crying out for Him. This will lead to life from the dead, and even greater blessing to the whole world! it is God's will for the redeemed of the nations to be added to more and more as we approach the end of this age. The nations will come into the Kingdom of God with Israel! Yeshua prayed this would happen. The world will believe. The world is Israel and the nations. This was the ultimate hope of the prophets of Israel! They foresaw and spoke by the word of the LORD that the nations would come to the knowledge of God. This would be in the time of Israel's final deliverance and national restoration.

They made it clear that this would happen in the context of great trouble for Israel and tribulation throughout the nations. The Bride will partner with Yeshua and the Holy Spirit in their purpose for Israel and the nations. If the fullness of the Gentiles and the Bride being fully prepared is influential in Israel and the nations believing in Yeshua, which it will be, Yeshua's actual second coming brings that salvation they need. We don't know the exact relationship of these events, but we believe this general picture is clear.

"the King coming again and Heaven coming to earth!" - this is the ultimate hope of our vision! Yeshua's glorious appearing with His holy angels at the end of the age! For He will come from Heaven to restore all things promised in the Scriptures. A great mourning of repentance will happen in Israel and the nations when He appears to bring salvation to them. The dead in Messiah will be resurrected first. This includes the saved people from all times and places from the beginning of the world.

All those who belong to Him, whether dead or alive, will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. We will all meet the LORD in the air to be with Him forever! We will return with Him as He makes war on all the disobedient who have refused to repent and believe the Gospel. He will remove the Evil One from his place of deceptive and destructive influence over the nations. He will set the whole world right, establishing the fullness of the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven. Israel and the nations will be one in the Kingdom of God. Yeshua will reign from His glorious throne as King over all the earth. His Bride will rule and reign with Him on the earth. Ultimately, all of the Creation under Yeshua’s reign will be completely purified, liberated, and transformed, becoming a New Heaven and New Earth. Satan will be in the lake of fire forever. Eternal punishment will never be reversed for those who refused to repent and believe the Good News.

God’s Home and His people’s home will become one, Heaven on earth. God will dwell with His people and His holy angels forever. Fullness of intimacy with our Father and our King will be experienced forever with fullness of joy in His Presence and pleasures forevermore. For the Glory Presence of the Holy Spirit will fill all Creation. All the saved of Israel and the nations from all times and places, will be His people forever. We will live as wise and compassionate servant kings and priest forever, ruling and reigning in God's forever Kingdom. We will be co-heirs with our King and heirs of God, partners together in the Family, and sharers together in all the amazing promises of the World to Come!

Practical relational processes we have discovered that we are engaging with and journeying into:

1. Creating a place for people to belong and feel connected to, where they can receive and give life.
2. Restoring and healing expressions of ministry that activate the power of the cross, removing emotional wounds and spiritual hindrances to faithful (righteous), shalom-giving, and joy-building relationship with God and His people.
3. Growing in learnable and transferable relationship skills (fruit of the Spirit) that express our true identity in Messiah and help us face and walk through any of life's challenges well.
4. Safely experimenting with Kingdom practices that will increase our receptivity to, enjoyment of, and cooperation with God's Kingdom amongst us.
5. Giving people equipping opportunities to be trained and transformed to live as RARE leaders in their families, vocations, works places, communities, and wherever they go.
6. Doing what needs to be done to bring the Good News of hope to hurting, low-joy, people and places that are stuck in iniquity, transgression, and sin.
7. Sending and supporting equipped people and teams who can thrive in all the places the Spirit calls them to, no matter the circumstances.

According to the scriptures, the Good News Story of King Yeshua brings to fullness the Story of Israel. This is for the sake of the nations and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven! This happened in a deepening way in Yeshua's first coming and will manifest in a consummate way at Yeshua's second coming! He didn't come to abolish the Torah and the Prophets, which contains the story Israel. He came to bring this story and all the Torah revealed in this story to a fullness in Himself! This is for the benefit of all in Israel and the nations who will align with His plan through the New Covenant. For the New Covenant that was ratified in the blood of Messiah when He poured out His soul unto death, was a covenant made with Israel and intended for and available to all nations. This is connected to God's plan for and pursuit of a family from the beginning.

In the biblical story, even before God made the world, God wanted a Human Family to share His love, authority, and power with. He also has an angelic side of His family that is very important to Him. He wants relationship. He wants to dwell with His people. He made humankind and gave them a home in Eden. This was a place where Heaven and Earth were connected. That means, God's Home and humankind's home were linked up and joined together. He also gave them the gift of relationship with Himself and one another. These were relationships of love, oneness, shalom and joy. He also human being a an awesome job. They were His partners caring for creation. They were to be stewards serving and guarding the creation as His royal representatives crowned with glory and honor.

But through the influence of the Evil One who sought to usurp their authority through deception, and their consequent decision to mistrust God's word, they lost it all! They lost their awesome home and were exiled. They lost their awesome relational oneness and were divided. And they lost their awesome ability to partner with God as stewards of creation and became frustrated. Not to mention, death came into the world and a world of spiritual evil began to influence the earth in partnership with cooperative humans. So creation went down with them. But God didn't give up on His plan. First He promised that a Deliver would come, a Seed that would crush the head of the Serpent figure who became the god of this world. This was the first promise of a coming Messiah! But a people would have to come forth on the earth for this Messiah to be born into.

God chose Abraham, Issac, and Jacob to become this people, Israel. Israel was to be God's chosen people to partner with Him for the redemption of the world. For salvation would come through them in a Promised Seed, a Messiah, One from Judah would bring victory over the Evil One and restore humanity.

Yeshua came and is coming as the Promised Seed, the son of Abraham, the son of David. Yeshua is the Messiah, the King of Israel. He is the Chosen Servant and Leader of God's plan of Redemption and Restoration. He burned with love to restore the Jewish people and the world, reconciling them to God and to one another. He came to earth for this purpose. He lived for it. Died for it. Bled for it. He rose from the dead for it. He even ascended into Heaven in order to lead this vision for a Family. He gives us His Spirit for many reasons when we believe in the Gospel of salvation, one being, to partner with Him in fulfilling this vision for a Family. And Yeshua will appear at the end of the age and return to the earth to fully bring this vision to pass in fullness! Then will be the resurrection and the transformation of the bodies of all who belong to Him! Satan will be defeated. Evil will be judged for He will make all things right, bringing justice and establishing His Torah of love on all the earth. Yeshua will be King over all the earth. Israel and the nations will be one in the Kingdom.

And ultimately, Yeshua will lead everything in heaven and on earth to be reconciled through the power of His blood of the New Covenant. He will fully establish the Kingdom of God! The Evil One will be punished forever. Every tear of His people will be wiped way. All of God's Creation will be purified, liberated, transformed, an made a new heaven and earth. It will be filled with the glory of the Presence of God. God's Home in heaven and His peoples' home on earth will be made one, Heaven on earth. All His people will be one big family for His redeemed people from Israel and every nations will be one forever! The holy angels and holy humans will also be one forever. The Father and Son will dwell with their people forever!

So the Gospel Story is deeply intertwined with the whole story of Israel and really, God's plan from the very beginning for His creation. This will be brought to fullness in the World to Come! So the Good News is past, present, and future! It is Israel-centric and internationally inclusive. It is deeply personal and completely relational! It is about God's plan for heaven and earth coming together. It is all about Yeshua! Will you be a part of His Story?

will you be a part of

the Story of Yeshua?

The Good News Story of Yeshua is connected to the Story of Israel and God's plan for the whole world. That means it is connected to you. To us. When we believe the Gospel Story of King Yeshua and confess Him as LORD we become a part of Yeshua's Story!

So we want to give you a snapshot of this wonderful Good News! It can be learned first hand by reading the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They tell us that the Good News that was promised beforehand in Israel's scriptures has arrived in the coming of the Son of God. Here is a brief summary of the Gospel Story of Yeshua that you are invited to be a part of.

The Gospel Story of Yeshua and the Kingdom!


1. The Son shares fully in identity of the One True Uncreated eternal God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. All things were created through Him, the Heavens, the Earth, the Sea and everything in them! Even the previous biblical covenants were made through Him. He was at the center of Israel's Story which has always been connected to God's plan of redemption for the whole world. The Son often appeared in Israel's Story as the Messenger of YHVH, Who is identified as God, yet also distinct from God. He appeared to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob as God, even in a human form at times. He met with Moses on the earth in the burning bush revealing Himself as the I Am, YHVH figure. He told Moses that He saw Israel's affliction, heard their groaning, knew their pain, and came down to deliver them and bring them into the inheritance promised to them as Abraham's descendants. He redeemed Israel from Egypt and brought them salvation through the Red Sea, judging their enemies. He came down on Mt. Sinai to give Israel the Torah in Covenant Relationship with them. He met with Joshua, through whom, He lead Israel into the promised land. All the Torah and the Prophets bear witness to the covenant faithfulness (righteousness) of God to complete His plan for Israel and the world through the Messiah who is the Son of God. He promised through the New Covenant that this would be accomplished. The arrival of the time of the New Covenant is central to what makes the Good News, Good News!

2. The Son was sent into the world for Israel and the nations to become the promised son of Abraham, the son of David, the Jewish Messiah who will fulfill the Father's plan to save the world that He loves. By becoming a Jewish Man forever, God demonstrated the extent of His faithfulness to Israel for the sake of the redemption of the World. The Eternal Son, the Word, came into the world that was made through Him and took on Israelite flesh. He became a Jewish human being forever! He tabernacled with His people as the One in Whom God's glory dwelt in, in an even greater way than it did in the Tabernacle and Temple. He was described in the telling of the Good News as Immanuel, meaning God is with us! He was given the Name Yeshua, because He would save His people from their sins. His people being Israel, and all the families of the earth promised to Abraham.

3. The Son was Anointed by the Ruach ha-Kodesh to lead the Father's rescue plan, and proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of the Kingdom that was manifesting in and through Him!

4. The Son suffered and died for the sins of Israel and the nations to make salvation available to all through the New Covenant ratified by His shed blood.

5. The Son was buried.

6. The Son was bodily raised from the dead on the third day, never to die again. As the promised Son of Man, the Father gave Him all authority in heaven and on earth. And He made it very clear to His Jewish apostles, that they were to go and bring the nations that were promised to Abraham into the Kingdom, in allegiance to their King!

7. The Son ascended to Heaven to the Father's right hand, to take up His position as King and Savior. He has all authority to grant forgiveness to Israel and the nations, to whomever will repent, believe this Good News and confess Him as LORD. If they respond in this way, they are forgiven by God of all their sins! In the Son, they are set right with the Father, reconciled to Him and fully accepted in the Beloved Son! They are made a son or daughter in the Son. They are given a new undivided heart, a loyal spirit and the the Holy Spirit who writes God's Torah (Teaching) on our hearts and minds. We can then walk closely with Him in His way in an intimate relationship of knowing and loving ADONAI! This is all a gift of the New Covenant!

8. The Son instructs all of His followers to be immersed in water in identification with the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob Who is the One Eternal God - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As disciples who identify with Yeshua's way of life, teaching, death, burial, and resurrection they come out of the water to live a new life with Him as a new creation! They are part of the one Body of Messiah and are to be established in a local congregation to become who they are created to be! The Jewish believers are part of the saved remnant Israel. They remain Jewish. Gentile believers from every nation, people, tribe, and language are part of the redeemed of the Nations! They remain Gentiles.

They are heirs together, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in King Yeshua! They are the promised family of Abraham, including the Jewish people and the nations. They are the Bride of Messiah from all the earth. They are the Body of the Messiah. And since there is only one body - leaders, congregations, and ministries are to see themselves as connected to one another and in partnership for the completion of the Great Commission in the nations, unto the fullness of the Gentiles, unto the salvation of Israel, world redemption, and the return of the Son of God in power!

9. The Son will appear in glory with His holy angels at the end of the age. All who belong to Him will appear in glory with Him, for He will transform their lowly bodies into a glorious body like His. First, by resurrecting the dead who belong to Him, and also by transforming the living who belong to Him that are alive when He comes. We will return with Him when He goes to war against those who refuse to repent from their evil against God and His people. He will defeat all evil, make the whole world right, and establish the Kingdom of God on earth as in Heaven. All the purposes of God for Israel and the nations will be consummated through the New Covenant that was ratified in His blood.

10. The Son will share His Father's kingdom forever with His Bride in a New Heaven and a New Earth. For Creation will become completely purified, liberated, transformed, and made new. Everything in Heaven and Earth will be reconciled through the blood of the Messiah. The glory of God's Presence will fill it! The Father and Son will dwell with their people forever!

11. To Son is preparing for us an eternity in the Father's kingdom. There will be never ending joy in the most glorious Creation we could ever imagine! God's Home and our home will become completely one, Heaven on Earth. All the relationships between Israel and every nation, males and females, an every redeemed person from all generations will be one! And we will have awesome jobs on the planet, being stewards of the World to Come!

12. What will we do for all eternity? More than we can imagine, yet we can be confident of unending joy, celebrating God's greatness and beauty and goodness, engaging in work that brings us incredible enjoyment and satisfaction and a sense of deep accomplishment. We will eat amazing food with family and friends and manage the world's affairs with wisdom and learning and creativity! Will we get to explore our inheritance in the New Heaven and New Earth with all its beauty and wonder and vastness? I can't see why not. It will be all this and so much more. The Family of God will live an eternal adventure with the fullness of joy and rest and peace with the Father and Son who will live with us! We will reign with them forever!

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