Kingdom Living is a worshipful congregation. We are a prayerful congregation. But we do not worship for worship's sake, or pray for prayer's sake. Our community is based on a set of ideas and beliefs. Some of these beliefs are shared by all followers of Yeshua - the Jewish Messiah commonly known as Jesus. Others are a bit more surprising to the average church-goer.

On this page, you will learn some of the insights that have made Kingdom Living such a unique body of believers - the ideas which link all things together and give us a multi-faceted glimpse into the heart of God. And you are invited to come along on this journey! Learn what ties together old and new, Jewish and Christian, east and west. And see what lies behind this surprisingly diverse group of brothers and sisters we call Kingdom Living.

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Israel's story began a long time ago when God chose to redeem humanity beginning with Abraham, Issac and Jacob (whom he re-named Israel.) God's big idea was that, through His people Israel, he would bless every nation, and bring healing to all creation. This was accomplished through God's great act of sending his Son Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus), born as a descendant of Israel. In doing so, God has interwoven the stories of Jews and Gentiles (that is, of all nations) into his big story. We, as followers of Yeshua, are called to understand our own stories in light of this greater narrative.

We love the Jewish people; after all they are the blood relatives of our Messiah Yeshua. His people Israel have not been replaced by the “church” as some people claim. In Yeshua, the redeemed from every nation are joined to the people of Israel, like a wild branch grafted into a cultivated olive tree. Instead of replacing Israel, or becoming a "new" Israel they become part of what is called the commonwealth of Israel. They share together in Yeshua's promised Spirit and Kingdom.

We desire to play our part in God’s plan to see Yeshua’s unified body fulfill its destiny to bring about the salvation of all Israel, and the redemption of the world in connection with Yeshua’s second coming.


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From the very beginning the Hebrew Scriptures cry out for a Messiah - a Savior, a Healer and an eternal King. They also prophesy his arrival. Hundreds of times throughout the books of law, prophecy and poetry we see the types and shadows of Israel's rescuer. Thus, when he was born to a poor carpenter's family in Judah, we were able to recognize him. He was given the name Yeshua, which is Hebrew for "salvation", because he would fulfill the Hebrew prophecies to save Israel from their enemies. But he would do more than that. He would save Israel, and indeed all nations, from the greatest threat of all: sin.

Many did not recognize him for what he was. But John the Baptist did. He said "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." He proclaimed Jesus as the one and human who would live a spotless life and, like the Passover Lamb, die for the sins of others. And not just the sins of his fellow Hebrews, but of all those from every nation who would believe in him. Three years later, during Passover, this is just what happened. And three days after that Yeshua conquered death, and was raised to life in order to welcome believers of every nation into his Kingdom.