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We are a seeking to be a bible based, God worshipping, Yeshua-centered, Spirit-saturated, Jew and Gentile, Multi-ethnic, Multi-generational, Family Community. God is building us into a dwelling place for Himself by His own Spirit with Yeshua as our Cornerstone and Head.

The Good News of salvation by grace through faith in Yeshua the Messiah and the Kingdom of God is the heart of what we proclaim. This Good News is revealed in the Bible. The Bible is our authoritative book of covenant instruction teaching us. We are holding fast to it as reliable truth, sufficient guide, and pure revelation of our Creator, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The Bible reveals that God is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, full of loyalty, mercy, kindness, faithfulness, reliability, and truthfulness. He is also just and true in all His judgments. He is all intelligent, knowledgable, wise, powerful, and good. He is the Covenant Maker and Promise Keeper and because of His love, He has provided salvation in Jesus the Messiah to all who believe, to the Jewish people and all peoples. The Bible reveals all this and so much more. It it is a wise Fatherly guide for all of life and salvation. Those willing to follow His guidance discover that the words of the Bible are truly given to us by God, breathed out by His own Ruach (Spirit).


We believe in the classical historic faith of Jesus the Messiah while fully rejecting replacement theology. Replacement theology has many forms but basically teaches that God is finished with the Jewish People and His Covenant Plans and promises for the Nation of Israel. We care for the Jewish People. This includes those Jewish people in our Community who continue to be Jews. Wether we are Jews or Gentiles, the Jewish Messiah has bonded our hearts to Israel forever. He is the Jewish son of David, the risen and reigning LORD, Savior, and Teacher. He came and died to reconcile Israel and the nations to His Father and to one another for we were all sinners needed reconciliation through the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 who took our punishment to bring us peace with God. Through trusting Him, He has given us the gift of life, eternal life. By Messiah's blood shed for our sins and resurrection from the dead, all who see their sin, turn from it with sorrow for it and hatred of it are promised mercy because of Messiah's sacrifice of love for them. Through faith they are forgiven of iniquity, transgression, and sin. They are accepted in the beloved Son, justified (declared righteous), adopted into the family, and receive the Holy Spirit for living faithful and powerful service. The Spirit given to all who believe the Gospel of salvation is a guarantee of the inheritance He has for us in the Age to Come. We have eternal life now in Messiah Yeshua, just just in the Age to Come or when we die.

Eternal life is not about going to Heaven when we die or everlasting life in the Age to Come, even it is that! Eternal life can be experienced now. It is relationship with the Eternal God. It is according to John 17:3 a gift of knowing God and His Son. Knowing speaks of a covenantal, intimate relationship. Coming to Yeshua with a heart full of trust to receive this gift like a little child is the work of the Spirit. He enables people to come by His grace and drawing love. All who are willing can come to Yeshua! Salvation and knowing Messiah is worth everything. Nothing is more important.

Salvation gives us a new heart that loves the LORD and wants to obey His word. His Spirit who gives us a new heart also works in us the obedience that our Father commands us in His Son. God's Torah is written on the tablets of our hearts and minds so that is will in delighted in from the heart and do on earth by us through His grace. He gives us the grace to share in His Divine nature and reflect His glory in the world. As a community we prize this love He has shown us in Messiah Yeshua and want to reciprocate this love to Him by grace. His Spirit is so gracious and powerful in us through salvation by grace our love for God grows in affection, allegiance and action as we believe in His promises for sanctification in our lives. A big part of this santcification is growing fervent love for one another just as the Messiah loves us. This is how people will know that we belong to Jesus.

Part of our adventure together is learning to do the good works of mercy, justice, and healing of Yeshua on the basis of a life of covenantal integrity and faithfulness. This is a long journey int he same direction!

In our community humility is talked about a lot. And we are slowly growing in it. We promote the godly value of learning and benefiting from the multiplicity of leadership examples in history and the present. This is about honor. Honoring our parents, those in our family and country that went before us. Those in the People of God who were faithful in history.Teachability is also important and a sign of humility. Being bible based includes receiving from wisdom and truth and guidance from qualified elders, leaders, that help us to become more like Messiah in word and deed in keeping covenant with God in the Messiah.

Living with honor to all is necessary in our minds as we seek to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the Body of Messiah and grow in purity, power, and maturity.

In our community, we give a place of honor to Jewish life and calling, particularly for our Jewish believers and family units who are called to live as part of the faithful remnant of Israel within the Body of Messiah. This emphases fits with our value for bible based unity, equality, and diversity as we seek to be conformed together in the image of Messiah Yeshua. For becoming like Him is a central goal of Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation. By His Spirit, it keeps our diversity more unified and on the relational healthy track.

For we want to be a place of hope for Jews and Gentiles to know the One True God - Father, Son, and Ruach Ha-Kodesh. People can walk the process out of working out their salvation unto greater restoration and wholeness and sanctification as part of this Gospel proclaiming community.

In regard to this spiritual formation discipleship process, we place a high value in equipping believers in our Congregation to serve effectively in every sphere of their life - the family, congregational, and vocational spheres. Multiplying covenant keeping faithful leaders in all spheres is an explicit value of our Congregations. It is good and right for us to live under authority wherever we are as faithful servants. And if God promotes any of us us into significant servant-leadership in any sphere of life to steward it as servants of people. This may be in the economic realm of business, technology, science, or education, the arts and entertainment, media, journalism, and even government. Being salt and light in this sphere is part of our call.

The family is a foundational sphere to all the spheres. We seek to help marriages thrive, parents fulfill their rules faithfully, and be a place where families, singles, widows and people of many backgrounds can find family. Gospel based covenant keeping leadership in the family is a key to the health of gospel based covenant keeping leadership in the Body of Messiah and when called, in the world. We are investing in this transmission process of covenant keeping love from generation to generation until the Messiah returns as King!  

All those who are saved can look forward to the return of our Messiah! He will resurrect the righteous, transforming their bodies forever into glorified and immortal bodies. He will bring them with him to the earth to set the world right, defeat all evil influence in God's good creation, and establish His Reign over Israel and the nations from Jerusalem!

As we wait for Messiah's coming, we are unapologetic about growing as a steadfast teaching, praying, worshipping, fellowshipping, evangelizing community in order to extend the Kingdom of God to Israel and the Jewish People, the nations, the Church, individuals, families, and the world! We are in the process of implementing morning and evening prayer, as we build in Yeshua a dwelling place for God by the Spirit!



We take worship seriously, because we take God seriously. We also take joy seriously! We gather weekly on Shabbat mornings to worship the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in and through His Son Yeshua by the power of the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit). All of our service is worship. All are welcome to join us. God is with us. His Presence can often be felt. Our main goal is to glorify the Lord when we gather on Shabbat. Shabbat is a day to remember our Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier, and bringer of the Kingdom to Come! The Shabbat given to Israel has all these meanings. Yeshua brought and brings these meanings to fullness. As Messianic Congregation that loves the Jewish Messiah who is LORD of all, we participate in these meanings as gifts of God's grace to us.

What to expect if you visit? Our service begins at 10 am and goes until about 12:15 pm. Our worship services include biblically based Jewish liturgy, intercessory prayer, scripture readings based on the Torah, the Prophets, and the New Covenant writing. We often will have a 5-7 minutes exposition, which is not the main teaching. We then transition to announcements to keep the community in the loop of what is going on. Then all the men surround the congregation as one man prays a blessing over the women & children. Then at this point, the kids five and under are dismissed to their classes. This is followed by a time of liturgy flowing into musically accompanied Holy Spirit led praise & worship which includes planned songs and may also include prophetic singing. After this, the kids 5 and over are dismissed to their classes. We complete our service with 30-40 minute biblically based, edifying teaching and a benediction. We also have post-service prayer ministry for encouragement and healing. Our congregation is a biblically based and Holy Spirit-oriented, so while we have a planned service, our goal is always to follow the Lord wherever He leads us. Therefore He is always free to change the service if He chooses.

classes for


Kingdom Living is a family and a congregation of families. No one is too old or too young to belong. We take very seriously caring for, protecting, and training the children in the word of God.  Yeshua made it very clear that He wanted the children to have salvation in His Kingdom! He made it very clear they were not too young to come to Him!

So when you visit, expect to see kids. You may see them playing, learning, dancing or worshiping, but in any case, they are a vital part of our community.  We want them to know their Savior at an early age by the grace of God, and to be taught faithfully who God is and how He wants them to live. We see this as a joy, a covenant privilege and a responsibility to support, help, and equip parents and guardians in raising up their children in the ways of the LORD.

We have four classes for children. One is for kids under 3, one is for kids 3-5 years old, another is for kids 6-8 and lastly one is for 9-12 years old.  All of our volunteers are screened with background checks.

Also on Shabbat mornings, we have a pre-service time for our Youth called the Kephirim (Young Lions). They get together with a few leaders and dig into the Scriptures, often studying the Torah Portion, Gospel Portion, or other topics pertinent to what the LORD is teaching our community. We want them to be fully prepared to live for the the LORD, to be a vital part of His Family, to grow into health and mature adults, and to be bright and shining lights in the world in whatever fields they are called into.

We also have organized gathering during the week for the Kephirim to meet together to grow in the LORD, build relationships and strengthen one another in faith and faithfulness in the LORD.

We long to see our Children and Youth rise up into the fullness of their destiny and calling as covenant keeping people and leaders who know and serve God, love and service His People and live in and serve the World without compromise.

"L'dor V'dor" is a heart-cry of Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation.

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RICH CLEARY | Lead Elder

Richard was born in Canada to an American mother and a Canadian father. He has been married to Sarah Elise since July of 2004. Today they have three children together - Luke, Hope, and Zechariah. In August 2012, Richard and Sarah moved to Kansas City. This was in response to sensing that God was speaking to them to move. This happened on on September 4th 2011, independently, without any prior conversation or plans. It was soon after they moved, that they connected to the congregation. In September of 2014 Richard stepped into the lead elder role and is working together with with a wonderful team of elders that lead the congregation together. In 2018 he completed his Master's of Divinity Degree Messianic Jewish Studies Program at the The King's University.

LON WIKSELL, D.Min | Elder

Lon, originally from Sioux City, Iowa, grew up in church as the son of Pentecostal pastors. He completed his first two years of college in Iowa before moving to Springfield Missouri and working for Evangel University where he met his wife Fran. He later worked for Drury University and Missouri State University, where he also completed his BS and MBA. In 1988 they moved to Tulsa where Lon studied at Oral Roberts University and received his MDiv in 1992. In 2013 he received his Doctorate of Ministry in Messianic Jewish Studies from The King’s University.

Lon and Fran were co-founders and co-leaders of Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation from 1995 to 2002. They then went on to start House of Messiah in 2004, devoted to understanding the words of Yeshua within their historical context and celebrating the seven biblical festivals as a pattern of personal and community life. Lon and Fran have now merged House of Messiah with Kingdom Living, and are also highly involved in organizing our city-wide Biblical festivals.


Eric wants to learn "everything," though some of us think that Eric can already do anything. When not working to build up the software company he owns, Eric serves on the Kingdom Living leadership team as an elder, works with the professionals in our congregation, and helps lead corporate worship on the piano and bass.

In his company, he strives to integrate principles of the Kingdom of God into his business. He also speaks Italian. He is a husband to Susan and father to Eliana, Zade, Noble, and Elliot. He spends a time studying the Jewish Roots of the faith and continues to lead others into that understanding, in the Kingdom Living community and beyond.


Tom and his wife Leah first became elders and part-time staff at Kingdom Living in 2007. They were ordained as Tikkun Emissaries in 2011 and lived in Jerusalem, Israel from 2012-2014. In Israel, they connected with the Tikkun network and Tom studied the Bible from a Hebraic perspective as a part of a PhD program at the University of the Holy Land. They moved back from Jerusalem in 2014 and helped Kingdom Living transition from a home congregation to a weekly public Shabbat service. Tom serves as a teaching elder and pastor and plans to finish his doctoral studies at The King’s University.

He is passionate about imparting a Spirit-empowered Hebraic worldview unto the unity of Jew & Gentile so that the world would know and believe that G-d loves them.